Why Vortrex?

Vortrex is driving technology for the creation of the ultimate electric track utility vehicle. We are committed to continuous innovation that improves productivity, treats the environment with respect, keeps people safe, creates incredible value for the user and is fun to operate.

Our success is based on how well we listen to our target customer base, understand the problems, document the solutions, garner feedback through the development process and release product that meets the objective.

Our pledge is to be the company that listens, engages the customer in our processes, is responsive with product and service, offers solutions at a fair price, all meeting the “value” you need from a partner.

Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be the transformational manufacturer of intelligent, “green” electric track utility vehicles (ETV) vehicles that are good for the environment, safe to operate, while providing innovative multi-use features to improve productivity and lower cost.

Our Values are simple. We value everyone with the same level of respect and credibility. All employees are treated fairly and have a voice to be heard. We value contributions from all. There will be days where we misstep but promise to redirect to make the situation right. We treat our customers as if they are employees and partners. We believe in long term relationships where both parties benefit. There is no one sided deal. As we look forward, we will always review who we are, what’s important, and adjust accordingly to make it better for all.

Ethics and Compliance

Vortrex strongly believes in a “code of conduct” with ethics at the top of the priority list. Business and personal ethics is core to the foundation and on-going nature of Vortrex. A high ethical standard is set for all, employees, partners, and customers. Anything less, will not be tolerated, with redirection occurring immediately. We strive to be of very high character every day.


Vortrex believes in respecting the environment. We will be part of the zero-carbon footprint. Our processes will be evaluated on sustainability metrics, achieving the best effort with least impact with available technology and or practice. It’s a long-term commitment to the company, our customers, and the communities we serve.